Quintin Kintanar

Dr. Kintanar, born on August 12, 1937, has renowned himself in the area of pharmacology and environmental science. Dr. Kintanar scrutinizes the mechanism of fatty liver and Hypolipedemia induced by erotic acid thus supporting in the explanation of the molecular mechanisms of lipo protein biosynthesized. In the course of his original researches it advanced the frontiers of knowledge in his fields.He also lead the pharmacological screening of Philippine plants using multidimensional observation techniques.

He won First Prize in the Manila Medical Society study competition the next decade he became the beneficiary of the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TONYM) award for Science in 1975; the President Manuel A. Roxas Medallion for science, and First Prizes in the PMA-Abbot award 2nd the NSDB Researcher of the Year. In 1981, Dr. Kintanar acknowledged the UP Alumni Association Professional Achievement honor in science. He also received the Burke Award for distinction in cardiovascular medicine and the Republic Heritage Award in year 1960’s.

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