Superkalan Inventor Patents

A Filipino inventor, from Bangar, La Union, is now considered as most awarded for the countless commendations he has received for his inventions.

Narciso Mosuela, 76, has received citations from different categories such as for excellence, entrepreneurship and invention. Filipino Inventor Society Inc.’s national award in 1984, top seller in the Ramot ti Aminanan (Root from the North) Exposition in 2003, the Department of Trade and Industry’s Outstanding MSME (micro, small and medium enterprise) in 2008, and Globe’s top Masigasig Award in 2008 are only some of the awards he has received for his many years of innovating things that could help his people.

But from the many awards he has, he is best known for his invention, superkalan. Superkalan is a stove made of concrete and flattened aluminum using wood instead of petroleum. It has been a fixture in many Filipino homes during the past 20 years.

Mosuela manufactures superkalans in his facility in barangay General Terrero. In addition to this, he also makes compact mobile threshers, also one of his innovations, in his compound in barangay Ubbog.  Both products are on display in his barangay San Blas property.

He made the superkalan as he was inspired by an elderly wife, cooking in a hole on the ground and commented on how hard it was to cook. Mosuela promised the older lady he would make her a stove that would make it easier for her to cook.

True to his word, Mosuela fashioned a portable stove with feet and a chimney made of cement and steel and gave the prototype to her. He took a long way to being perfect with his superkalan. He made some adjustments and rechanneled the smoke directly out the chimney attachment until it works well.

To date, the superkalan inventor thinks he has sold 20,000 stoves. His superkalan which sold for P2,000 in the early days now sells for P4,600.

With this prize, he guarantees the longevity of his products by giving a lifetime warranty for repairs; replacement parts are extra.

Mosuela did not begin his career as an inventor-entrepreneur. He started with different careers before he made it to the top. What makes him successful with his innovations is his passion to create new things which began in his childhood years.

His inventions not only give him honors but also help people in his community by employing them manufacturing his crafts.

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