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Famous Filipino Painters and Sculptors

Fernando Amorsolo

Fernando Amorsolo is known as one of the most significant artists in the account of painting in the Philippines. He was born on May 20, 1892 in Paco, Manila; he received a degree at the Lieco de Manila Art School in 1909. A serious estimation of Amorsolo's paintings can obtain one of two positions.

Juan Luna

Born on October 23, 1857 in Badoc, Ilocos Norte, Philippines, Juan Luna y Novicio was the third child of seven children. He is a famous Filipino painter who is a successor of the Cala Family of the Philippines. Luna attained his Bachelor of Arts degree from the Ateneo Municipal de Manila in 1874. He proved artistic promise early on and was expectant to take up painting and take a trip to Rome to learn the masters. He established in Paris and wedded Maria de la Paz, a well-known Filipina from the Mestizaje family of Pardo de Tavera. In a fury over his doubt of unfaithfulness on the part of his wife, he heartlessly shot her and her mother to death in September 1892. Tried by a French court and afterwards convicted in 1893, he was punished to give the victims' abrupt relatives but one franc each for their loss, as the court had deemed the murders an offense of passion. In 1894, Luna goes back to the Philippines after an absence of almost 20 years.

Rey Paz Contreras

Rey Paz Contreras was born August 31, 1950. He is an outstanding Filipino sculptor working with urban refuse and ecological materials as artistic media. He is encouraged by the native Filipino traditions and creates visual forms of current images that discover a distinct Filipino aesthetics. Contreras' pioneered the exercise of travieza or hardwood railroad tracks through the late 70s.


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