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Famous Filipino Historians and Writers

Cecilio Lopez

Elected as Academician in 1978, Dr. Lopez was named as the Father of the Philippine Linguistics. He is renowned because of his pioneering work in the growth of a Filipino custom in the scientific study of Philippine Language.

Nick Joaquin

Nicomedes "Onching" M. Joaquin was born on May 4, 1917 in Paco, Manila. His mother was a public school teacher and a colonel father in the Philippine Revolution of 1896.

Nick Joaquin started to write short stories, poems, and essays in 1934. Consider as a brilliant kid, he did not get to finish high school, he discovered that he could study more by reading books on his own, and his father's library had countless of the books he mind to read. He wrote so variedly and so well about so many phase of the Filipino throughout his entire life span.

Gregorio F. Zaide

Legendary historian to Philippine history, Dr. Zaide has made noteworthy contributions. A diligent scholar, he authored 67 books, some were use as textbooks in history for secondary and colleges in the country. He has also written more than 500 articles in history printed in local and foreign journals.

Encarnacion Alzona

Alzona was a reputed historian and guru to a generation of other famous historian's and at the same time as University of the Philippines professor in history. She acknowledged the Lone Prize awarded by the Congress de Hespanitas de Filipinas in 1954 for her El Legado de Espana a Filipina. She is a prolific writer; a number of her historical writing’s have already becomes Classics, mainly her A History of Education in the Philippines.

Teodoro Agoncillo

Agoncillo wrote abundant books and papers about Philippine History. To name a number of his famous works are History of the Filipino People; The Crisis of the Republic; The Revolt of the Masses; The Story of Bonifacio and the Katipunan; Ang Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas; and the Malolos, Philippine History (adopted as official textbook in Philippine History).


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