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Folk Dance
Pandanggo sa Ilaw

Pandanggo sa Ilaw is commonly liked dance of grace and balance from Lubang Island, Mindoro Occidental. The term pandanggo is derives from the Spanish word fandango, a dance described by lively sterps and clapping that changes in rhythm in three-fourth time. Pandanggo sa Ilaw consists of three tinggoy, or oil lamps, balance on the head and the back of both hands.


Maglalatik or Magbabao is a war dance representing in a picture a battle between the Moros and the Christian over the latik, the remainder left after the coconut milk has been boiled. At sometime in the course of Spanish rule, with coconut shells as tools, the people of the barrios of Loma and Zapote in the town of Biņan in the province of Laguna danced the Maglalatik.


Binasuan is a dance full of life from Bayambang, a town located at the southern part of Pangasinan province. This dance having remarkable color displays proudly the balancing skills of the dancers who turn rapidly in circles move by turning over and over on the floor, and maneuver carefully with movement free of discomfort the drinking glasses half-filled with rice wine.


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