Lourdes Cruz

Dr. Lourdes Cruz researches led in part to the biochemical classification of more than 50 biologically dynamic peptides from Conus venom, and the improvement of conotoxins as biochemical probes for testing the behavior of the brain. W-Conotoxin is now one of the most extensively used apparatus for studying neuronal calcium channels, and u-conotoxin is the reagent of option in neuroscience when muscular movement must be prohibited to inspect actions at the synapse.

Dr. Cruz has done important contributions to the biochemistry of toxic peptides from the venom of Fish-Hunting Conus Marine Snails.

Dr. Cruz was born on May 19, 1942. She is the receiver of the NAST Outstanding Young Scientist Award in 1981, the NRCP Achievement Award in Chemistry in 1982 and the Outstanding Women in the Nation’s Service Award (Biochemistry) in1986 because her accomplishment in science.

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