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Famous Filipino Entrepreneurs and Economists

Derrick Chiongbian

There are now over 100 Holy Kettle Corn retail booths nationwide today, and here are no signs that this prodigious growth would be stopping anytime soon. Its many distinctive product features and its entirely different marketing and distribution approach have no doubt, brought about the phenomenal success of Holy Kettle Corn popcorn. The product has a unique "kettle corn flavor" that delightfully hover between sweet and salty. Hand-popped fresh every day right in the retail outlet itself, it uses only corn oil instead of ordinary vegetable oil.

Butch Albarracin

Filipinos who loves to sing became the inspiration of Butch Albarracin to put up a music school that can give training in voice and stage performance. Way back in early 1980s, he was a leader of a band, although he has no formal education in music. He had decided to concentrate on pop singing as a forte. He recalls, that there were so few pop singing teachers, and they were mostly of the type that goes to the student's house and teaches their students one-by-one.

Boots Alcantara

Boots Alcantara thinks someday that he would become his own boss even when he was still an employee. He would buy lanzones in San Pablo City and sell them to high-way fruit stands on his way to Manila. He also sometime sold family computers while working as an assistant brand manager for a food manufacturing company.

Raul V. Fabella

Born on April 19, 1949. In Recognition of his pioneering works on novel analytic constructs which turn out to be useful for problems in economics. His introduction of subsymmetric sets resulted in extending the reach celebrated Ash bargaining solution to more egalitarian (Rawlsian) grounds.

Jose Encarnacion, Jr.

Born on November 17, 1928. Noted Economist, a Theorist with interest also in the policy area. Professor and Dean, School of the University of the Philippines.


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