Butch Albarracin

Filipinos who loves to sing became the inspiration of Butch Albarracin to put up a music school that can give training in voice and stage performance. Way back in early 1980s, he was a leader of a band, although he has no formal education in music. He had decided to concentrate on pop singing as a forte. He recalls, that there were so few pop singing teachers, and they were mostly of the type that goes to the student’s house and teaches their students one-by-one.

And then he established the Center for Pop Music serves as the country’s first and only pop music school. From 30 enrollees when it started, now it has 20 branches all over Metro Manila and reached a total enrolment of 4,000 students.

To expand the center’s market reach, Butch came up with an idea of holding extension classes in the provinces on a tie-up basis with selected schools. To this day, Albarracin does not have a competitor-at least none can match his center in terms of size and diversity of curriculum.

Butch runs his school with the same hands-on passion that he gave to it when he established it 23 years ago. He also personally hires his voice coaches and handles the training of the center’s 200-plus staff by himself.

He is generous with staff incentives. He gives cash rewards for various meritorious achievements, from meeting sales targets to having a perfect attendance for the whole year. He believes that we all have potential to be better that what we are and its God-given task to polish that potential.

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