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Famous Filipino Biologists and Chemists

Baldomero Olivera, Jr.

Dr. Baldomero Olivera, Jr. elected as Academician in 2003, provide as an encouragement to Filipino biochemists and other scientists. From the time of the early stages of his career, he has contributed notably to the development of molecular biology and biotechnology with his isolation and description of the key enzymes such as DNA ligase and the DNA polymerase.

Asuncion Raymundo

Dr. Asuncion Raymundo led the way in microbial genetics and the use of biotechnology in farming in the Philippines. Born on August 15, 1946, she is a hard-working researcher, who has execute several study projects including some funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, UNIDO and the Australian Centre for International Agriculture. She is also a creative author, having published more than a hundred technical articles in refereed journals and actions, both local and international field.

Alfredo Santos

Dr. Alfredo Santos is known for his studies in the chemistry of natural harvest. He has completed a lot of work in the segregation and elucidation of the phaeantharine and other alkaloids from Philippine medical plants. He was elected as Academician in 1978 and conferred as National Scientist in 1978.

Prescillano M. Zamora

Dr. Zamora is recognized for his works to plant anatomy-morphology, pteridophyte biology, and the preservation of environment and natural resources policy study. His work on the xylem elements of vascular plants is the basis for the formulation of the two-phase wall deposition concept now accepted universally. His researches on the taxonomy of Philippine ferns led to the detection for additional species of the group.

Angel C. Alcala

Dr. Angel Alcala has conducted extensive research on Philippine amphibians and reptiles since the mid-1950s. Born in March 1, 1929, Alcala made marine science publications consist of about 80 papers on coral reef fish, marine reserves, long-term effects of safeguard on marine biodiversity such as corals and top predatory fish. Majority of these documents have been published in refereed, global journals and books.

Quirino O. Navarro

Dr. Quirino Navarro has also worked on neutron spectrometry and crystallography; and electronics and instrumentation procedure. He was born on March 29, 1936.

Evelyn Mae T. Mendoza

She was recognized because of her continuous basic studies in plant biochemistry particularly, one the biochemical basis of the makapuno phenotype of coconut; on the factors affecting the nutritional worth and suitability of cowpea, mungbean and numerous under utilized Philippine indigenous legumes, cassava and sweet potato; and on the biochemical source of resistance of preferred plants to pest or illness. Dr. Evelyn Mae Mendoza was born on August 7, 1947.

Jose O. Juliano

Dr. Jose Juliano, born on October 16, 1932 is famous for researches in nuclear chemistry and physics. In 1959, he was one of the receivers of the TONYM award for his involvement in Nuclear Science. He is also an affiliate of the American Nuclear Society, American Physical Society and the American Chemical Society.

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