Top Filipino Inventors in Malacañang

By winning top honors in the recent inventors’ competitions held here and abroad, President Arroyo received in Malacañang three top Filipino inventors who brought prestige and glory to the country.

During the inventor’s call, Estrella Alabastro, Science and Technology secretary said that the trio is well-known for their contributions in medicine, construction and telecommunications.

The president received them and congratulated them on their respective awards and they told her a little bit about what their inventions were.

The three Filipino inventors are:

  1. Rolando dela Cruz – received the World Intellectual property Office gold medal for his invention DeBCC, a cream developed from cashew nut extracts mixed with other common Philippine herbs, that treats basal cell carcinoma, a common type of skin cancer generally caused by frequent exposure to sunlight.
  2. Dr. Antonio Mateo – certified engineer, educator and inventor, won the 2008 Gold Merit Award by the Invention and New Product Exposition (INPEX) for his Improved Flaring Tools for Flexible Piping System. He is also recognized for inventing the Super Wheelchair which doubles as bed and bathroom and is designed to provide mobility and a cleaning facility for bedridden people.
  3. Aquilino Tubigan – was given the 2008 Jury Awards, also by INPEX, for his I-Charj Coin Operated Cell Phone Charger which provides dying cell phone batteries a nifty gadget that charges a mobile phones’ battery for a fee.

President Arroyo expresses amazement at the innovativeness and timeliness of the trio’s inventions.

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