Ceferino Follosco

Academician Ceferino L. Follosco was born on February 3, 1931. He was known as Ph. D. (honoris causa) Mechanical, Electrical and Agricultural Engineering. Follosco was known for his excellent works and undertakings in the field of engineering (agricultural mechanization and automotive), technology modernization, public sector domination embracing a wild field of creative approaches in re engineering and bureaucracy, formulating and implementing laws and programs for small and medium enterprises and S&T administration, with technology transfer, R&D, Engineering and Science Education, Institutional Building.

Follosco also lead the development of foundations involved in upholding quality, productivity, S&T, industry clustering, SME development, education and voluntarism.

He was elected as Academician in the year 2001. He finished numerous degrees namely BSME at Feati University in 1953, BSEE at Feati University in1955, MSAE at Iowa State University, USA in 1962, M. Mngt. also at Feati University in 1963, Ph. D. Humanities at the Ateneo de Davao in 1991 and Ph. D. Laws, UP System in1992.

Presently he pursue to be an entrepreneur, setting-up and nurturing various business enterprise.

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