Fernando Poe, Jr.

Fernando Poe, Jr. or Da King was known as the King of Phil. Movies. He is Ronald Allan Kelley-Poe in real life. He was born in Manila, the second child of actor-producer Fernando Poe, Sr. and Elizabeth Kelley. His siblings are Elizabeth, Andy, Genevieve (Jenny), Fredrick (Freddieboy), and Evangeline. Conrad Poe, also an actor, was the half-brother of FPJ.

He planned of serving the Filipino people when he run for president in 2004 but became unsuccessful against the prevalent and incumbent Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. FPJ, as called by his family, friends and fans, received the Philippine National Artist award last May 24, 2006 based from Philippine Proclamation No. 1065.

FPJ started to work as an actor in some of the films shown in 1940s. He spent his grade school at San Beda College, then he went to San Sebastian College, Mapua Institute of Technology, and University of the East for his secondary education. When his father died, he discontinued his studies in UE during his sophomore year because he needs to support his family. From then, he started working as a messenger boy in a film industry. He worked as a stuntman for Everlasting Pictures. At 14 years old, he was given a role in the movie entitled Anak ni Palaris (Son of Palaris). He became a popular movie actor in the film Lo Waist Gang in 1957. In 1961, he launched FPJ Productions and other film industries which include D’Lanor, JAFERE, and Rosas Productions. In 1965, he directed the film The Ravagers which became the most influential Filipino film. This movie helped Fernando Poe, Jr.’s status as a movie icon.

Fernando Poe, Jr. tied the knot with actress Susan Roces in 1968. Since they were not able to have a child, they adopted Mary Grace. During his campaign in 2004, he revealed that he had a child with former model Rowena Moran, it was Lovi Poe. Also, Ronian, or Ron Allan was his child with former actress Anna Marin. He directed nine movies using the alias name Ronwaldo Reyes. He won the various best actor awards at FAMAS. Poe won awards in the following movies: Mga Alabok ng Lupa (1967), Asedillo (1971), Durugin si Totoy Bato, Umpisahan Mo, Tatapusin Ko (1983), and Magnum 357 (1987).

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