Armando Dalisay

Dr. Dalisay was elected academician on 1981. He finished BSA at University of the Philippines in 1937; BSA MA (Economics) at Harvard University in 1942; and Ph. D. (Economics) at Harvard University in 1946.

He was a receiver of the Distinguished Alumnus Award for economics and public service at UP College of Agriculture in 1973.

Armando Dalisay had done original work on economic policy for Philippine agriculture; reliable in deeply studies and field practices on agricultural and rural growth in the country since 1954. His document Values in Policy Formulation for Rural Development presents the position of our social principles in giving direction to the structure of public policies for rural improvement. His book titled Agricultural and Rural Development in the Philippines (Post-War Period) describe the scenery and the different aspect that persuade agricultural and rural progress in the early post-war period.

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