Romulo Davide

Davide was born on March 14, 1934 and elected as academician in 2002. He finds out the earliest biological control agent against nematodes, which has been commercialized in Australia and Germany aside from our country. His breakthrough on the cultural and biological control of nematodes has given the Filipino farmers efficient gears against nematodes, thus mounting their crop production and profits.

In acknowledgment of his pioneering and momentous contributions to Nematology including host-parasite interactions, national survey and identification of nematodes infesting economic crops, and their cultural and biological control which unquestionably enriched the science of Nematology in the Philippines and gain him international credit and the merit of the first Filipino to be included in the “Who is Who” in Nematology.

He was also a member of Agricultural Sciences Division. Davide builds up the Farmer-scientist program that allow upland farmers in Cebu to recognize the proper expertise for their farms, thereby improving their production and enhancing their entrepreneurial competence, which is now adapted countrywide.

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