Romulo Davide

Davide was born on March 14, 1934 and elected as academician in 2002. He finds out the earliest biological control agent against nematodes, which has been commercialized in Australia and Germany aside from our country….

Armando Dalisay

Dr. Dalisay was elected academician on 1981. He finished BSA at University of the Philippines in 1937; BSA MA (Economics) at Harvard University in 1942; and Ph. D. (Economics) at Harvard University in 1946. He…

Ramon Barba

Barba’s studies on tissue culture of sugarcane, cassava, bananas, and many other horticultural crops have resulted in the enlargement of important methodologies in plant physiology and plant reproduction. His devotion, insistence, innovativeness and optimistic approach…

Fernando Poe, Jr.

Fernando Poe, Jr. or Da King was known as the King of Phil. Movies. He is Ronald Allan Kelley-Poe in real life. He was born in Manila, the second child of actor-producer Fernando Poe, Sr….